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14 Feb 2017


Welcome to the referral portal for Uber com.  Since you are here, you will find a place loaded with info about driving for Uber and how you can take advantage of the new bonuses!  At Uber com you can simply go to sign up as a driver.  But make sure you have a invite code so that you actually get the money in your bank and not in someone else’s.

Uber Com

Uber Com

So, I have Uber black car.  I make pretty good money driving for Uber.  What is an Uber driver?  It’s simply one who uses their own car to pick up other people and the other people pay you to do it.  Uber com is just the platform you use to do it.  If you need a code here is one that actually works:  Invite Code: 8s4q9


It’s fairly simply how the Uber com app works.  When a driver is in “online mode” you may get requests from riders.  Simply tap yes to accept the rider.  Pick them up at the destination provided by Uber and the drop them off with the location they provide.

Furthermore, if for some reason you have any issues with the app you can contact Uber email.  Uber app not working?  Ok, just go to Uber com and find the contact page.  If issues arise, Uber t will take care of it.


Uber Com

Now that we’ve discussed some other aspects of the process of signing up, let’s discuss more about the good stuff.  Money.  You can make some really good money driving for Uber.  It’s nice because you can choose the time of day you want to drive.  Due to living in Los Angles, I average out about $22 an hour.  There is no limit on how long you want to drive.   As a result, you will make your bank happy.

To conclude, if you need money quick, I suggest signing up with the link to make sure you get your bonus.  You will get a bonus added to your direct deposit once you complete the ride requirements of Uber.

Best to ya!

Use this Invite Code: 8s4q9


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